Sunday, 12 May 2013

The strip down and inspection

Complete strip down.

The frame has been stripped down back down to component level for a complete inspection. Before I go any further I have to say the bike is a credit to its previous owner, it came apart as if it was new. The only 4 seized bolts were the water bottle carriers.

The condition was better that I expected, only the brakes need a full replacement at this stage. After taking the V cantis off and leaving them overnight in a degreaser bath the pivots were locked solid, so they will be replaced. Next up were the derailleurs, the front cleaned up beautifully and will be reused, the back, an original STX RC one, just needs a rebuild. Lastly the shifters, the left hand one is broken and again will be replaced, but the right will be reused as its still in full working order, which is good, as finding a replacement STX RC unit would have been tough.

The forks seem to have welded themselves into the headset spacers, here starts the chemistry lesson. Steel and aluminum don't like each other. The spacers will have to be cut off, and the forks removed then. For now they can stay as I just want to get out and ride. Speaking of the forks, they are junk and will have to go on the replace list at the end of the season, one of the stanchions has rusted.

The frame could do with a repaint, but its not urgently needed and there are no visible cracks, I'll know more when the frame gets shot blasted in the winter. But These frames were renowned for begin bulletproof and it hasn't had that hard life so I'm expecting a clean bill of health

I must add at this point, I'm not going to spend a huge amount on the bike as I have made a decission to ride it this summer. So when I fall off, as I haven't ridden a bike in over 10 years offroad, if any components get damaged I won't be too upset. This relies on us having a decent summer!

When the season is over, I will strip it again and have the frame powder coated, change the forks and go for an XT or similar groupset. I have a colour scheme I'm working too, and some of the components have already been bought with that in mind.

The shopping list so far:
V canti's front and rear
Gear cables
Brake cables
Left shifter
Jockey wheels
4 Ti gold bolts for the brakes.
Brake blocks

Photo's to follow.

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