Sunday, 11 August 2013

Its been a while and summer is here!

Firstly I'd like ot apologise of rthe distinct lack of updates, summer is here and I've been enjoying it, and the bike. Which brings me to the point of this blog, the Rockhoper. Its changed very little since the partial rebuild, the handlebars have changed, the oringinals weren't quite wide enough for me, and the stem was a bit too high /long.

Whilst tackling a strava segment near me, a small scare of a piece of my anatomy having a almost meeting with the headset / toptube convinced me to change the rear cassette. The gears had been slipping since I bought it, and I had just replaced the chain, hoping to get away with the cassette until the full rebuild over winter. Skimping never pays off!

Now thats been replaced its a lot more pleasureable to ride with out fear, so much so when I recently rode the same segement, I shaved about 2 minutes off my time, not bad and a cheap £15.00 for a 2 minute drop. I wish all upgrades showed this benefit!

now I'm thinking of converting it to a 2 x10 setup or a 3 x 9, I can't decide. I have a feeling the winter rebuild will cost me almost as much as a new bike!

And the proof of why this update is late. This was taken on a foray to visit Chicksands bike park.

For those interested to follow this bikes progress, and mine. Here is my Strava page

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